Apr 16, 2024

Review of the screening of the documentary film "OCTOBER 7" in Brussels

The March 30 Movement and Viva Palestina welcome this first event as part of its contribution to the fight against Israeli propaganda and disinformation in the mainstream media.
The investigative film being screened, "OCTOBER 7", produced by the Al Jazeera Investigative Unit, was intended to shed a different light - that of facts and reality - on the events of 7 October, thanks to the many elements of a meticulous investigation.
In fact, the incendiary and macabre Israeli story was the only one being told by most of the Western media. However, this investigation showed that many of the extremely serious accusations made by Israel, namely that Hamas fighters had decapitated babies, burnt their bodies, burnt several people from the kibbutz alive and committed numerous rapes, were based on testimony and information that turned out to be false. The number of Israeli civilians killed put forward by Israel was also contested, with supporting documents.
The small auditorium at the Pianofabriek was packed, and there were many rich exchanges between the audience and the journalist. Around 50 people attended the screening of the documentary film October 7, and a wide range of questions were put by the audience to the journalist James Kleinfeld. They focused on the investigative and analytical elements presented in the documentary, on the journalistic work carried out in a particular context, on Israeli propaganda, on the context leading up to the 7 October attacks, and on Israel's disproportionate and bloody response in Gaza. Mr Kleinfeld responded to the audience in a clear, rigorous, open, honest and professional manner. He also gave advice on how to inform oneself correctly, for example by multiplying sources of information, and shared with the audience a number of relevant facts about his other journalistic and investigative work.
The March 30 Movement and Viva Palestina team would like to extend their warmest thanks to all the participants, special guest James Kleinfeld and the people who helped organise this event.
Some useful information shared during the discussions:
Al Jazeera Investigative Unit website: http://www.ajiunit.com
Contacts and documentaries: www.jameskleinfeld.com

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