Mar 22, 2024

March 30 Movement Files Complaint Against French-Israeli Soldier Involved in Torture incident


In a significant legal move, the March 30 Movement has officially filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC), demanding the initiation of an urgent investigation into the actions of French-Israeli soldier Yoel Ohnona. The complaint follows the emergence of incriminating video evidence online, which allegedly shows Ohnona participating in acts of torture.

The video, which has garnered widespread condemnation, depicts a figure identified as Ohnona boasting about torturing a victim. This individual appears to be in distress and exhibits injuries consistent with the claims. This distressing footage has propelled the March 30 Movement to demand accountability and justice, thereby spotlighting the grave human rights violations depicted.

The legal action extends beyond the individual case of Ohnona. The complaint filed with the ICC encompasses broader allegations relating to his role in systematic attacks against civilians during the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the West Bank. These alleged actions, part of military operations initiated by Israel on October 8, 2023, may constitute crimes against humanity, war crimes, and even acts consistent with genocide. This is particularly poignant in light of the tragic loss of approximately 32,000 lives, predominantly those of women and children.

The detailed account included in the complaint paints a harrowing image of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It highlights the extensive destruction of civilian infrastructure and the enforced deprivation of essential resources. The legal representatives of the March 30 Movement argue that these actions constitute a systematic attack against the civilian population, thus violating principles established in the Rome Statute.

The call for the ICC to issue an arrest warrant for Yoel Ohnona is underscored by the urgent need to prevent further atrocities and to ensure justice for the victims of the alleged crimes. The complaint marks a crucial step in global efforts to address and halt violations of international law, setting a precedent for accountability, especially regarding the involvement of military personnel in acts deemed severe human rights violations.

In parallel, additional legal actions are being prepared against Mr. Ohnona and others implicated in these allegations, with proceedings expected to unfold both in France and at the international level. The global community watches closely as the case unfolds, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for justice and human rights.

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