The "March 30 Movement" was born out of the urgency of the situation in Palestine, particularly with regard to the genocide in Gaza that began in 2023 and is continuing into 2024. We see this as a historic turning point. Our name refers to the Palestinian demonstrations of 30 March 1976, since known as "Land Day". However, we give it a broader meaning. For us, 30-3 symbolises the right of indigenous peoples to their land and sovereignty, in opposition to colonial domination and the devastating effects of uncontrolled globalisation. It also represents the human bond with this planet and the search for a hospitable environment for our species. In addition, it symbolises a deep grounding in the values of humanity, as a rooted identity that transcends technology and ideology.

1.           We commit ourselves to the recognition of the genocide in Gaza and the prosecution of those responsible. We also commit ourselves to working to end the genocidal and colonial apartheid regime in Palestine, with the aim of achieving a just and lasting peace for the Palestinian people and all peoples of the region.

2.           We oppose all forms of discrimination and hatred, including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Our commitment to anti-racism is clear: we fight against all forms of racism, against anyone or any group. In the liberal democracies in which we live, we firmly reject any form of culture of victimisation. On the contrary, we promote resilience, autonomy and solidarity. Our aim is to strengthen the equality of citizens and to defend absolute freedom of expression.

3.           We promote reasonable accommodation for minorities while protecting the rights of the majority. Our aim is to cultivate solidarity and unity, renouncing the blame game. We are convinced that it is possible to achieve equal civil rights for people of immigrant background without compromising the historical and cultural rights of Europe's indigenous populations.

4.           We are committed to the decolonisation of our relations and modes of dialogue with the countries of the South, while accepting and embracing the European heritage. Our intention is not to discredit Europe's past, but to pursue its re-evaluation and reinterpretation from a perspective that is both inclusive and fair. We recognise that European history includes periods of progress, oppression and colonialism. In seeking a fair assessment of this past, we seek a balanced approach that fully recognises and accepts the rich complexities and subtle nuances of our European history.
5.           We work actively against corruption and elite oligarchy, both locally and globally. Our fight is to break the concentration of power and wealth currently in the hands of a small elite. We seek to promote integrity, transparency, an economic model guaranteeing a fairer distribution of wealth and a political system guaranteeing wider participation in power. 
6.           We aspire to a society that values the dignity of each individual. Dignity as a value is the key to individual autonomy and mutual respect. Families, diverse in their structure but united in their values, are the cornerstone of a healthy community. These families are the foundation of a society rich in tradition and respectful of its past, but also open and receptive to innovation and progress.

7.           We defend the essence of our humanity in the face of challenges that threaten the identity of our species. In a world on the brink of technological and ideological dystopias, we are mindful of our unique human attributes: bearers of life, sources of creativity, guardians of values and beauty. This awareness spurs us on to work to protect and preserve human dignity in a rapidly changing world.

We invite all those who support these 7 principles to join our movement and be part of a wave of change aimed at creating a world where dignity and freedom are central. Join our fight for a just world, raise your voice against injustice.