Mar 22, 2024

Breaking: March 30 Movement filed a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) demanding an arrest of French Israeli Soldier

Breaking: Lawyers of the #March30Movement filed a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) demanding to initiate an urgent investigation and issue an arrest warrant for Yoel Ohnona (The French-Israeli soldier speaking in the torture video).

More legal action against Mr. Ohnona and others are being prepared in France. This first complaint at the ICC stems primarily from allegations of Mr. Ohnona's direct involvement in the torture of individuals, supported by incriminating video evidence circulating online, showcasing the accused's participation in and endorsement of acts of torture.

In the referenced footage, Mr. Ohnona is heard boasting about the infliction of torture on a victim, who appears to be dragged around and exhibiting injuries consistent with such claims. Furthermore, Mr. Ohnona explicitly acknowledges the victim's distress, evidenced by their involuntary response to the torture.

The video's content has triggered widespread condemnation and demands for accountability, given the gravity of the allegations and the clear violation of human rights. Following these specific charges, the complaint expands to include broader allegations against Mr. Ohnona's role in the perpetration of international crimes during the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the West Bank.

As part of the Israeli Defense Forces, Mr. Ohnona is alleged to have engaged in, or contributed to, a series of severe violations under international law, including crimes against humanity, war crimes, and actions consistent with genocide, particularly in the context of the military operations initiated by Israel on October 8, 2023. The case presents a detailed account of the systematic attack against the civilian population in Gaza, underscored by the tragic loss of approximately 32,000 lives, predominantly women and children, the extensive destruction of civilian infrastructure, and the enforced deprivation of essential resources, leading to a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale.

This complaint to the ICC, underpinned by the principles established in the Rome Statute, calls for an exhaustive investigation into these allegations and the immediate arrest of Yoel Ohnona to prevent further atrocities and ensure justice for the victims of these egregious crimes.