Mar 29, 2024

The March 30 Movement Clarifies Its Position Amid Misrepresentation by Dutch Media

The March 30 Movement wishes to address recent reports by Dutch media outlets that incorrectly associated our movement with events occurring in the Netherlands, specifically involving an unwanted visit to the family of an Israeli soldier whom our movement is suing for war crimes and genocide. We categorically deny any responsibility for the actions taken by individuals outside of our organization. It is imperative to clarify that at no point has the March 30 Movement involved the families of the soldiers it is suing in its communications or activities. Our legal actions are strictly professional and are conducted with the highest regard for legality and ethics. The only information we have made public is the names of the soldiers involved in these legal proceedings, which is both legal and legitimate. Our movement staunchly opposes any form of doxing or harassment, and we maintain a strict policy against such practices. The tone of the coverage and the portrayal of our movement, particularly the depiction of our president, Dyab Abou Jahjah, has been tendentious and malintended. We believe that taking legal action is not only a democratic right but also a moral obligation when faced with allegations of war crimes and genocide. It is concerning that the focus of some media outlets and critics has been on discrediting the legal and peaceful actions of activists rather than addressing the gravity of the accusations themselves. The involvement in genocide, the massacre of children and innocent civilians, and the consequent destruction and starvation are issues of paramount importance that should be met with outrage and action, not dismissal or defamation of those seeking justice through lawful means. The March 30 Movement remains committed to its cause of holding those accountable for their actions in a court of law, as is our democratic right. We urge the media and the public to focus on the substance of these legal actions and the importance of upholding human rights and international law. We call on all parties to respect the legal process and to refrain from actions or statements that could interfere with the pursuit of justice. Let us remember that the principles of fairness, justice, and accountability are the cornerstones of a democratic society.