Apr 15, 2024

Dutch prosecution dismissed our cases against Dutch citizens participating in the Gaza genocide. #March30Movement will now proceed by using article 12 of Dutch law.

 With disappointment, yet unsurprisingly, we acknowledge the decision of the Dutch Public Prosecutor to dismiss our complaints against Dutch soldiers involved in the tragic events in Gaza. We, the March 30 Movement, anticipated this outcome, viewing it as evidence that the regular legal process within the Netherlands may not serve justice concerning the serious accusations of complicity in genocide. Despite this setback, the March 30 Movement's commitment to justice and accountability remains steadfast. We will pursue further legal actions under Article 12 of Dutch law, which allows us to continue the complaint process through a request to the court to initiate prosecution. Furthermore, we are actively preparing complaints in several other countries. We believe that international solidarity and the pursuit of universal legal principles are essential to represent the voices of the victims and advance justice. We call on all supporters and sympathizers to stand with us and support our ongoing fight for justice. Our mission does not end with this decision, and we will continue to fight for accountability and justice on every legal front possible.