Jun 04, 2024

March 30 Movement launches a crucial complaint against Belgian-Israeli soldiers

Brussels - The March 30 Movement announced today the filing of a major complaint against Israeli-Belgian soldiers involved in the Gaza offensive, specifically accusing them of participation in genocide and serious war crimes.

The complaint includes harrowing testimonies from Belgian-Palestinian citizens and recognized refugees in our country, who have been directly affected by the genocide in Gaza. These individuals and their families have lost loved ones, their homes, and have endured unimaginable suffering. One plaintiff lost thirty family members in a single attack, while another had to have a leg amputated. These personal stories illustrate the brutal reality of the accusations we are making.

The complaint targets five Belgian citizens fighting in Gaza for the Israeli forces. These individuals are suspected of having directly participated in military operations in Gaza that led to these devastating losses.

Dyab Abou Jahjah, president of the March 30 Movement, emphasized: "It is unacceptable that individuals involved in such atrocities can integrate into our communities without being held accountable. Our legal action aims to ensure responsibility and justice for the victims of these crimes."

Our legal action, in collaboration with renowned lawyer Jan Fermon, who has previously worked on cases concerning the Rwandan genocide and war crimes committed by the US military in Iraq, represents a crucial step in our broader campaign in various countries.

We call on the international community, legal experts, and human rights organizations to support our efforts and closely monitor this case. The outcome of this prosecution could set a significant precedent for addressing allegations of war crimes and genocide at the national level.

Furthermore, with the Brussels regional elections approaching on June 9, the March 30 Movement supports the Viva Palestina list and urges all Brussels citizens to support our efforts by voting for Viva Palestina. Your vote is a vote for justice, accountability, and the protection of human rights. Together, we can ensure that the genocide in Gaza is recognized and that those responsible are held accountable.

The March 30 Movement remains steadfast in our quest for justice and the protection of human rights for all. Further actions will follow. The fight for justice in Gaza and for the liberation of Palestine is a long-term commitment.